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i'm deisy
Your no-nonsense, espresso-shot of business wisdom in a world full of decaf dreams. If you’ve stumbled upon this place on the internet, consider yourself lucky: it’s the place where ambition meets action and where your business dreams are turned into reality. Why? Because I never see roadblocks on the path to passive income.

Once upon a time, I was THE entrepreneur with a jam-packed calendar full of appointments.

It started off great, but as my business grew, the less I enjoyed the grind. Then came the wake-up call: I wanted to become pregnant. And I realized I wanted to be there for my little girl, to watch her grow up, and take time off whenever I wanted.

So, I scaled back my comfortable business.

Sure, I could have kept running it successfully, but deep down, I knew something had to change. I needed to stop the hustle. Even though I was making $30K per month, it wasn’t the way I wanted to earn that money for the rest of my life.

I jumped off the moving train and started building something more

scalable, reliable, and easy.

And within a couple of months i…

Ditched live launches completely, while still pulling $30K a month.

Cleared my calendar! I only do a max of 3 appointments a week.

Enjoyed daily recurring revenue like clockwork!

Now, my mission is to help business owners just like you transform their businesses into passive income empires. Why?

Because you deserve to turn your business into a thriving, passive income-generating machine that supports your dream lifestyle.

This is your invitation to ditch the status quo and join a movement of passive income builders. If you’re ready to unlock your full potential and transform your business into a passive income empire, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the ride of your life. Welcome to your new


Let’s ditch the safety net and leap into your passive income builder zone.


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