Calling all coaches, service providers and creators who’ve already helped countless clients crush their goals, but are still stuck for most part on the ‘trading time for money’ bus…

What if I told you that there is a way to have more time, earn more, and feel more fulfilled without spending every waking hour on your business…

the passive
success academy

The membership for online entrepreneurs who are ready to create irresistible passive offers that sell like hotcakes on autopilot, all the while they are living their best life & having the most fulfillment and impact in their business.

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let me ask you a question

What’s the ONE thing that separates a business making money on autopilot from one that makes you ugly cry in your car because you feel trapped, your to-do list keeps growing, and no matter how hard you hustle, you’re not seeing the results you hoped for: not just in money, but also in the freedom you crave?


Okay, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic, but you get the picture…

So what is the difference? What do those businesses have that you don’t have?

Here’s the truth: those things won’t give you (immediately or EVER) more time, flexibility, and financial freedom you’re craving.

reality check...

In all these scenarios, your money isn't working for you. Is this really what you're looking for?

And I know I know: working is not the ‘biggest’ problem for you because you love what you do, you’re not afraid of hard work (we all love a good hustle) and you are the last one to complain about your income (hello, 5-10K months!)…… But deep down, you know your income at this moment feels like a wild roller coaster ride, always dependent on you showing up.

You can’t afford to get sick, pregnant or taking a sabbatical. Your flexibility is limited. And there are so many amazing business opportunities you want to jump on, but time seems always to be the issue…

What if I told you

there’s a way to finally break free from the ‘trading time for money’ bus? How would a world look where your income isn’t tied to the hours you work?

……Maybe it’s starting your day with a yoga session, enjoying an incredible lunch, or taking a spontaneous mid-week trip to the beach. Spend more quality time with loved ones, where evenings are free to cook dinner together, play board games, or help your kids with homework without work emails and deadlines.

……Or maybe you like to indulge in activities that bring you joy. Your hobbies that you haven’t been doing as much as you wanted because….. work….

……And how about having uninterrupted time to think creatively and plan strategically for your business? Sounds amazing, right?

All while not worrying about your income, because: that just keeps on rolling in (did someone say: ‘sipping-on-the-beach-kind-of-money-style')...

And let’s be honest

deep down, you know what you need to do and you know that you've got what it takes.

As an online entrepreneur who's delivering great service, helped tons of clients succeed, and built a solid business with consistent revenue... deserve a business that works for you, not the other way around.
You deserve a business that has sustainable, consistent and scalable passive income streams. And you know what?
If you want a business that brings you real fulfillment, sustainability, and scalability, selling your offers on autopilot is the way to go. Aim to be the visionary of your business, not an employee.This means working on your business, not just in it. Entrepreneurs who get this and live by this principle are happier and more successful than those hustling non-stop.

Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

Masterclass made 30 sales of $245. A total of $7500 in 1 masterclass.

$4k in passive income sales, with 2 masterclasses, and the month is not even over yet

16 sales of $497 in automated webinar. Makes a total of $8000 in only 1 webinar!

Before I get into the how, let's face some uncomfortable truths. If you want to sell your offers on autopilot and achieve financial freedom within six months

you need to ditch these three lies NOW.

"I don't have enough time"
I get it. Your business revolves around your clients, and you don’t want to compromise on that. But making your offers sell on autopilot doesn’t mean sacrificing client relationships or increasing your workload. Usually, it’s a systemic issue. Structured support and effective passive income strategies can help you find the time you need.
“It’s a hassle and I'll get overwhelmed”
Yes, creating passive income can feel like a mountain if presented without adequate support and clear guidance. But with the right step-by-step approach, you can build an automated sales system that will boost your long-term income. So you can say goodbye to the trading time for the money bus.
“I have sold a few offers in the past, but never the ‘big cash. For me it won’t work’
You might think bringing in high cash months with passive income is out of reach, but in my experience helping over 100 women build successful online businesses, I know it’s possible. Yes, passive income isn’t the easiest to build, especially if you go it alone. But with the right support and guidance, “big cash” is very doable.
All that you need is a bulletproof and effective action plan combined with Comprehensive and continuous support

So, are you ready for your next step?


The Passive
Success Academy

The membership for online entrepreneurs who are ready to create irresistible passive offers that sell like hotcakes on autopilot, all the while they are living their best life & having the most fulfillment and impact in their business.

The Passive Success Academy will help you

Unlike those one-off courses or cookie-cutter advice programs

the Passive Success Academy offers an ongoing support framework that ensures you’re never alone on your passive income journey. Here's what you get:


all to create one thing:

A sustainable, consistent & scalable passive income stream, that will sell for you over and over again for years to come (and will only compound over time). Whether you are hustling or just holding a netflix marathon. And you? You will get your time back, have more financial freedom. And feel more fulfilled while you create more impact…

Let’s take a look how the P.R.O.F.T Framework will help you

create a business that works for you
instead the other way around..
module 1

Perfect your offer

You’ll learn exactly, with my irresistible offer method, what your clients really want and be guaranteed that your passive offers make your clients desperate to buy.

By the end of this module you will have:

module 2


You’ll learn with my automated sales success strategy to set up a seamless automated sales funnel that’s working 24/7 for you to boost your sales and which is going to save you so much time and effort.

By the end of this module you will have:

module 3


You’ll get to set up your own unique rapid traffic growth plan which will drive tons of high-quality leads to your funnel for sustainable growth. You now know how to attract the right audience effortlessly every single day.

By the end of this module you will have:

module 4


Inside this module you will learn the profit performance strategy so that you know exactly how to fine-tune your entire passive income stream for maximum ROI. You can make tweaks that will boost your conversion rates and lifetime customer value (hello, more money!) and therefore have complete control over your own passive success.

By the end of this module you will have:

module 5


Passive income is fluid. Therefore it’s important to know how to maintain your success (and even scale if that is your goal). Otherwise your success will be short-lived. With my sustainable income plan you will learn how to keep your passive income business thriving and always stay ahead of the market for sustained succes

By the end of this module you will have:

The P.R.O.F.T method

is the most effective way to stop trading time for money and get out of the ‘hustle-and-burn cycle

but wait...

there is more
bonus 1
Fast-Track to Six & Seven Figures Templates

Imagine having a toolkit right at your fingertips, designed to save you time, effort, and all the guesswork. With these templates, you won’t have to stare at blank pages or second-guess your approach. Just plug and play with ready-made templates that are proven to work. Sales pages? Check. Tripwire pages? Check. Upsell pages? Email templates? All covered. This is your fast track to strong copy without the hassle.

bonus 2
Mini-Offer Creation Workshop

Ready to create irresistible mini-offers that generate quick income? The Mini-Offer creation workshop helps you craft high-value, easily-launchable products that boost your revenue in no time. You’ll create products your audience can’t resist and learn how to launch your mini-offers quickly and efficiently, so you can start generating income right away.

bonus 3
Quick Cash Injection Strategies
Looking for a quick income boost while you build out your passive income stream? The Quick Cash Injection Strategies are exactly what you need. Dive into 10 short, powerful podcast episodes packed with actionable tips and assignments to generate quick cash. Whether you’re filling a gap between larger projects or looking for a side income boost, these strategies are designed to enhance your cash flow quickly and efficiently.

show me some

client love

$1400 in ads, $13.4k in sales in 1 month. All passive…

“I can’t believe it, over 10k extra! You’re truly a wizard!!”

let's do this

pay in full

SAVE MORE with a 1-time payment
$ 888
  • The 5-step P.R.O.F.I.T. framework
  • Insider slack LIFETIME access
  • Comprehensive and continuous support system for LIFETIME
  • LIFETIME access to feedback and personalization sessions
  • BONUS 1 Fast-Track to Six & Seven Figures Templates
  • BONUS 2 Content Creation Bootcamp
  • BONUS 3 Quick Cash Injection Strategies
  • Money success guarantee
  • EXTRA: Two weeks personal 1:1 WhatsApp coaching
  • EXTRA: Setting up one Facebook Ad campaign for you
  • EXTRA: 3 hours to access my technical VA who will to set your whole automation up
best value

payment plan

get started today for a flexible rate
$ 157
  • The 5-step P.R.O.F.I.T. framework
  • Insider slack LIFETIME access
  • Comprehensive and continuous support system for LIFETIME
  • LIFETIME access to feedback and personalization sessions
  • BONUS 1 Fast-Track to Six & Seven Figures Templates
  • BONUS 2 Content Creation Bootcamp
  • BONUS 3 Quick Cash Injection Strategies
  • Money success guarantee
best value
My money succes guarantee

I am so confident in the value and effectiveness of my program and this membership that I offer a Money succes guarantee

Here’s how it works:

Join the Passive Success Academy with peace of mind, knowing that your success is my top priority. With my Money Success Guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


I LOVE helping online entrepreneurs to get out of the trading-their-time-for-money bus. And let them see there is a way to have more time, earn more, and feel more fulfilled without spending every waking hour on your business…

In fact, I want to learn everything I can to make this an absolutely incredible, life-changing experience for my members. And what better way can I do that, then gather a few people around me who I can service for my full 200%! So there is where the founding members offer comes in

I’m opening up a limited number of lifetime spots into my membership, who get lifetime access to the membership. I’m only offering this for a short time and I’ll NEVER offer the lifetime option for this membership again. All future members will have to pay on an ongoing basis.

The only difference is that you will not get immediate access to the 5-step P.R.O.F.I.T. framework, but that is going to get dripped out in the next 2 months, beginning with 29th of July and ending at 2th of september. 

AND that I will also offer EXTRA live sessions if needed to make sure that you will make your investment back. 

After the 6-month membership period, usually you have the option to continue your membership to maintain access to the support, and community benefits. You can choose to renew on a monthly or annual basis, depending on your preference. This will ensure you continue to have access to ongoing updates, new content, and continued support. If you do not like to continue, you will have access to the 5 P.R.O.F.I.T. framework and all the calls & masterclasses in that period, but future updates will not will provided. But because you are a founding member you will will LIFETIME access. Thats means: one time payment and LIFETIME access to everything inside The Passive Success Academy

I understand that time is a valuable resource. My program is designed to be flexible and efficient, allowing you to work at your own pace. I would suggest that dedicating a minimum of 2 hours per week is more than great to make seeing progress. Furthermore I will make sure you will have accountability, so this is not something you buy and never do. You will be motivated  do the work, 100%!

This membership is designed to offer practical, actionable steps and ongoing support, rather than just theoretical knowledge. Unlike books and courses that leave you to implement strategies on your own, my membership provides continuous support and accountability. This holistic approach is the reason why I created this membership in the first place (because I missed that with a lot of the ‘passive income courses’) and ensures you can overcome obstacles quickly and achieve tangible results.

The timeline for seeing results can vary based on your starting point and the time you put in. However,I know 100% certain you will start noticing positive changes within the first few weeks to a couple of months WHEN you go ALL IN. The program is designed to deliver both immediate wins and long-term success.

When you enroll today, you get access to:

  • Comprehensive training modules
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Exclusive member-only resources and tools
  • Access to the private community
  • Ongoing support and updates

If you don’t love the membership, I offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you haven’t made your investment back within the next 6 months (and you have done all the work), I’ll work with you 1:1, until you will have your investment back. My commitment to your success is 100%

Ongoing support includes access to the community, live Q&A sessions, and regular updates to training materials. With this support you will feel like you are working with me like you would do 1:1. These sessions can help address specific challenges and provide tailored advice to accelerate your progress. So you don’t need to worry that you will just be ‘one of so many’. I will make sure your success is my biggest growth and will do everything to help you.
The principles and strategies I teach inside the membership are foundational. Whether you are in coaching, are a service provider or a content creator: the tools and techniques provided can be adapted to suit your specific needs. If you have concerns about your particular niche, feel free to reach out, and I can provide more personalized insights.

The membership may not be a good if you:

  • Are looking for a quick fix or overnight success. Building a sustainable passive income requires time, effort, and persistence.
  • Prefer to work entirely on their own without any external input or support.
  • Are unwilling to invest a few hours per week to implement the strategies and get coached when you get stuck.
  • Are not open to learning new methods and adapting their current strategies.

If you are unsure whether this membership is right for you, feel free to contact me to discuss your situation in more detail.

So how can you make sure this is for you?

The Passive Success Academy is for you if:

and you are ready to

Then don’t wait any longer and get yourself into this amazing academy!

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